Supplier Relationship Management

The purpose of our Supplier Performance Management Process (right) is to facilitate an objective evaluation of suppliers to ensure that their services are consistently meeting expectations. This allows our clients to improve the overall performance of their supply base by developing cooperative, mutually beneficial and long-term relationships with their suppliers, thereby leading to reduced operating expenses, lower capital investment, improved productivity and efficiency, and increased speed to market.

To achieve these results, it is imperative that all expectations, terms, conditions and requirements are clearly communicated to the suppliers. We ensure that the content, format and timing of all deliverables are specified prior to commencement of the engagement and that frequent feedback and open communication with the supplier is maintained.

In addition, the Supplier Registration Portal provides clients with access to the ESG Supplier Performance Scorecard (as shown below), as well as the ability to contact individuals or groups; create customized data-gathering forms; organize management reports; centralize supplier reporting; and invite registered suppliers to participate in opportunities, contracts, surveys and other creative events.