Quantifiable Return on Investment

• Reduced Expenses
• Increased Diverse Spend

ESG combines custom tools, a proven methodology, and deep expertise to categorize and assess procurement spend and practices to provide a clear roadmap to reduced expenses and improved operational efficiencies.

ESG can assess and qualify potential suppliers to ensure that they meet specified regulatory, safety, reliability and quality requirements as well as implement and manage the process for identifying, recruiting and registering new suppliers.

ESG uses a rigorous process to develop/implement supplier agreements for externally purchased goods/services.  We identify opportunities, evaluate potential sources, negotiate contracts and continually manage supplier relationships.

ESG helps your organization better reflect the diversity of the communities in which you serve through the enhancement of existing supplier diversity initiatives to drive additional diverse interest in, and support of, your goods and services. 

ESG works collaboratively with your suppliers to measure and compare supplier performance against your expectations, mitigate risks and continually maximize the potential value of your supplier relationships.

The ESG team offers over 26 years collective expertise with some of the largest recruiting
firms in the world working with a diverse
talent pool from staff level to executive level professionals.