Supplier Qualification

Recruit. Assess, and Qualify Suppliers
ESG has eliminated the manual processes traditionally used to search for the best suppliers by creating a Supplier Collaboration Portal specifically designed for our approach. Through a series of simple steps, registering suppliers are asked to: describe their businesses; identify the geographic locations they serve; classify their goods and services; provide financial, insurance and legal data; upload certifications; and receive communications. We ensure compliance with regulatory agency requirements and with federal, state and local procurement regulations and programs.

Many of our clients ask that we qualify their suppliers to their custom requirements to reduce risk and position the relationship for the highest possible success. We can assess each supplier independently against benchmarks or against a group of peers to understand their strengths, in addition to mentoring and educating to eliminate weaknesses and barriers to access.

Maintain a Base of the Best Suppliers
Our experience indicates that a rigorous supplier qualification process is the bedrock of a strong supply base. Having immediate access to those qualified suppliers is equally important. The Supplier Collaboration Portal enables a fast, effective and organized way to find the best-qualified suppliers across the country.

Unlike many other registration systems, suppliers who register keep their profiles current with ESG because there is constant communication with the supply base. Qualified suppliers receive invitations to participate as contractors and subcontractors of goods and services for ESG and its clients. After they are awarded business, their performance scores are collected and maintained in the portal for constructive feedback and comparative purposes.

"ESG's supplier qualification process was an opportunity for me to take our company to another level… asking that I look at our company in a way that I never had. It allowed me to see us in a more professional light than I had before. It was wonderful. Thank you so much for all of the work you are doing on our behalf. It is needed and greatly appreciated."
President/CEO, Major Transportation System Design & Management Company