Two Trailblazers, Including ESG CEO Raymond Daniels, Making Noise in Horse Racing

Ray Daniels and Greg Harbut have formed an organization, the Ed Brown Society, to promote and educate African American participation in a sport where they were once the majority. Harbut and Daniels say their purpose is to “create workforce development and retain those people in the state of Kentucky the horse racing business is a multi-billion dollar business a year and we want to create awareness and opportunity to young people of color.” The Ed Brown Society wants to focus on educating students, showing them the many jobs they can have in the industry. Maybe it could move a fan from the grandstands to a buyer to an owner in the winner’s circle. “You gotta take young folks out to horse farms so they can see it for themselves and actually get hands-on and expertise about the work that goes on at a horse farm,” Daniels said. “We hope to expose them to it and let them know that these are really well-paid jobs.”

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